Friday, 10 May 2013

The Silhouette

My mind is starving,
My heart is craving,
My thoughts freezing,
As I try to comprehend this beauty,
That leaves upon me pity.
This beauty that rivals the Monalisa in all her glory,
This beauty that caresses every part of my body.
Healing all my wounds and piecing all the fragments of my crushed heart.
I really can’t comprehend this beauty,
That sweeps me off my feet, down to my knees.
And makes me a beggar…Comprehend
Wakes me up every morning and soothes my every dream…Beautiful!
I can’t really comprehend this beauty.
That leaves your silhouette, on my sandy thoughts.
Dropping my jaws like the autumn leaves.
Brightening my   face like the summer skies
And freezing my thoughts like the winter snow.
Don’t wake me up from this slumber, if at all it’s a nightmare,
Don’t liberate me from this struggle, if at all am a prisoner,
Don’t cure me of this malady, even though contagious.
Because I want to feel this beauty
Live it and Hold it
In as much as your beauty leaves me breathless and speechless,
It also leaves me thoughtless and pulse less”

By Sam Dennis Otieno

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