Friday, 1 June 2012

Life Goes On

Sometimes in life you feel as if you've been through much that you feel you cant hold on anymore,you feel that you've lost a lot and the only thing left to loose is you,so much passes by you and if it does get to you it brings only tears,you've got so many questions that you want answered,so many 'WHYS' that you wish 'BECAUSE'  a human being, then your heart would be at rest.
At times you may feel as if you've got to the end of the road,and all you hoped for is no longer a hope but a wish, but this doesn't mean that the road you are on is the only road to your destination,you need to believe that as long as you are still alive-at the end of the road-then that's not the end. Most people end up throwing in the towel,and who says that the proverbial towel will stay where you threw it? Someone else will pick it up and you never know how much damage your towel could do them. One thing I do believe in is that no road has an end if you are not the end. When you feel that that's the end of the road,begin constructing your road,shape it according to your desires,let it be as beautiful as you would like,keep in mind that the tractors that construct roads are not the only vehicles that use them,no matter how worn out they may look when doing it,the product ends up to be an envy of many. That road would be used by all types of cars,BMWs, Range Rovers...,name them, with pride and happiness. You are the tractor,and the users may be not only your generations,but all. Imagine if you could be the tractor that refused to go on because it was worn out,but still could do the job,will your generations be proud of you,or have you ever enjoyed a ride on a rugged road? If you are still alive,then don't say that you've lost it all,because you still have what most envy. LIFE GOES ON,KEEP GOING.
(c) Sam Dennis OTIENO

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