Monday, 23 July 2012

Just a Second

Just a second
Scattered clouds above me
A serene breeze blows past me
The sound of my chronometer entertains my pinna
But haunts my thoughts
With oblivion we look at each other
As our thoughts still wander
Mine, my fears
Theirs, my sorrows.
If only I could hide as my thoughts have,
And laugh as they do.
I wish he could grant me just a second
Just a second…
To let them know am leaving,
To let them know my heart’s bleeding,
To hold her hand once more.
And look at her heavenly smiles
With mine, genuine.
Just a second…
To let her know am no more
Just a second,
To share genuine emotion.
To let them know am sorry.
Just a second to speak my last.
Just a second, is all I need.
But will it be enough?
 I dedicate this poem to my cousin
The Late Pamela Awuor                                                                                                            
 ©Sam Dennis Otieno

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